Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike Review

Stamina Elite Total Body is unlike other recumbent bikes we have discussed. It has moving arms at the front of the bike that you use to “pedal” with. Simply put, Stamina Elite Total Body operates by hands movements- as in you need to pedal with your arms for it to operate.

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Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike Review

Whom Stamina Elite Total Body Designed For:

  • This model is made for anyone wishing to exercise their upper bodies while exercising their legs as well.

Stamina Elite Total Body Features:

Now that you are done with the short intro above, you are expecting some rough and tumble features that will blow your mind. I will not disappoint you, here are the top features of the Stamina Elite Total Body.


Made from steel material, Stamina Elite Total Body comes with a sturdy frame and wide stabilizer bars that will hold you steady as you work out your lower body as well as your upper body. You will also note that there is no shaking or wobbling as you exercise. This means that you can watch your shows or even chat with your family as you work out.


Stamina Elite Total Body’s seat can be adjusted to fit your frame. By using its simple backward/ forward seat lever, you can adjust your seat’s length to fit your leg’s length. You can also use it’s upwards/ downwards lever to get a more comfortable fit.

This model can be used by different members of a household. From father to mother to children, simply adjust the height to your proffered settings and enjoy a comfortable workout experience like never before.


Stamina Elite Total Body comes with a basic console that will measure your time, speed, calories, distance, and pulse when hand pulse is activated. You can set targets for time, calories, distance, and pulse, though. Stamina Elite Total Body displays one measure at a time thought. You can select which measure you want to displayed by simply pushing the mode button underneath the display.


Stamina Elite Total Body takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to assemble. This recumbent bike is delivered part completed.


  • You can work out your upper body at the same time as your legs
  • You will be able to adjust seat position while still in the seat
  • Anyone between 4ft 10 inch and 6ft 3 inches can use it
  • Has a low step through making it easy to get on and off
  • It is very quiet
  • Assembly is easy and fast


  • The company does not provide guidelines as to range of heights that the bike provides the best fit
  • You will have to experiment and find a fit best suitable for you
  • There is no resistance when backpedaling on either hand or foot pedals

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Q: How much storage space do I need?
A: The bike needs an area of 24 by 50 inch when not in use. It is very compact

Q: What sort of drive type does it have?
A: This model has a belt drive and a flywheel that give great balance and consistent cycling motion.

Final Verdict:

Stamina Elite Total Body is a good option for beginners and anyone looking for the light to moderate intense workouts. You will be able to not only exercise your upper body but your lower body as well. All in all, Stamina Elite Total Body is yet another great option for anyone looking for a total body exercise bicycle to use at home.