Raleigh Bikes Women’s Super Course Endurance Road Bike Review

Women always love to have that attracting body shape, but of course, they won't get there without exercising that is Raleigh Bike manufacturer came up with these woman bikes. It is designed to a woman's specific way. Aluminum frame and also revere 1 makes sitting comfortable, fun and fast to ride.

It is equipped with Shimano Claris shifters which will make riding on hilly places become fun buy offering 16 speeds to choose from. When you come to the wheel side the rims are doubled walled and smooth Kenda tires 700 by 28c.

Raleigh Bikes Women’s Super Course Endurance Road Bike Features:

Comfortable Handlebars:

When it comes to handlebars there are two different types to choose from and those are flat bars or riser bars, flat bars are a bit lower on the bike and will be considered lighter. These bars are particularly used when riding very long distances so that you can be able to lean a little forward to prevent back ache.

On the other hand, the riser bars are simple to reach and they are wider. When you are riding upright it is clear that you use these riser bars or downhill riding. The Raleigh Bikes women's bike is with both, you can use any depending on the particular place of riding.

Sturdy Aluminum Frame:

The Raleigh Bikes are designed with women's specific, aluminum frame, the frame is light for fast riding, attracting beautiful color for women, the Revere 1 keeps you back more upright when you are light. The frame is usually the base of a bike, having the best frame means the best bike.

You can always change the frame because they are available, but by changing the frame means buying a whole bike at once. This is why the Raleigh manufacturer makes sure the build for you the best and durable frame that you don't wish to change in future.

Integrated Shifters:

Unlike before, about 70% of modern bikes or upcoming bikes are equipped with shifters, most believe that to ease the riding of a bike while going up the hill, the bike must have shifters so that you won't apply much force the pedals, a study shows that the much force you apply up the hill the more you stress your chest resulting in inability to breathe in oxygen, this may cause fainting or being unconscious for some minutes.

The builder of this bike does not want that to happen to any of their buyer or users of the bike that is why the bike is fitted with the best and durable Shimano shifters offering 16 speeds of choice. When riding up the hill you won't be able to feel it because of the integrated shifters.

Easy Fit:

When it comes to bike fitness, a bike that fits well and a height of your own regardless of riding style you will love riding it. A bike that is poorly fitting results to muscle aches, pains and inefficient riding this will definitely discourage you from riding.

The Raleigh women's bike is made of adjustable parts that you can adjust to your own fitness. Several types of research show that women have proportionately narrower shoulders than men and also longer legs compared to men that is why the Raleigh women bike is designed to meet this need so that women can also enjoy riding.

Also, some women find that men's bikes fit well and comfortable, but this Raleigh bike may provide a more precise fit for women. All women out there if you want to enjoy riding your own bike I recommend you to purchase Raleigh Bikes women's Super Course bike.

Wheels & Tires:

The Raleigh Bikes Women's SuperBike is made with the best and durable wheels and tires, the rims are double walled, they are large Weinmann GMAX. Smooth Kenda tires 700 by 28c, these tires offer a little more width for your own safety and comfort. When smooth tires come into contact with the ground, they offer fast movement of your bike.



  • Pricey

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Is this bike lightweight?

A: Yes. This bike is very lightweight. 

Q: What about the saddle? Is it comfortable during ride?

A: Yes. The brooks cambium saddle is very comfortable during the ride.

Final Word:

Despite of its high price the Raleigh Bikes Women’s road bike is a perfect choice for anyone