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Poseidon Triton Road Bike Review

Poseidon Triton Road Bike Review

Hit the road with the Poseidon road bike that provides the needed strength and a soothing riding experience. This road bike has many characteristics from its predecessor, the Sport 4.0. The bike is made with riders' needs in mind so you can get the most comfortable rides.

It is suitable for longer journeys, and its lightweight frame allows you to achieve great riding speed. So, if you are an avid rider who needs quality and performance, this bike will give you all that and much more. Let's review it in detail so that you can understand everything about this road bike.

Poseidon Triton Road Bike Review

Poseidon TRITON Features

Lightweight Aluminum Frame:

The bike boasts a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it fast and allows you to handle it easily. A lightweight frame is more comfortable than a heavy one, which requires more energy and is tedious.  

The aluminum frame also ensures the seamless appearance of the bike. Additionally, the bike has a quality carbon fork that absorbs vibrations for smooth and comfortable rides. Poseidon carbon fork never disappoints and works effectively. 

Poseidon Dual Pivot Brake Calipers:

A bike without a properly functioning brake can easily cause accidents on the road. Such bikes limit you to certain speeds; hence, you cannot ride the bike at your ideal speed. Luckily enough, the Poseidon Triton road bike has efficient dual-pivot brake calipers to give the needed stopping power. 

This helps you stop when you want to ensure your safety hence. The brakes work super well whether you are cycling at a very high speed, down the hill, or just on a normal road. 

Shimano Claris 8 Speed STI Shifters:

A good bike should have different gears to give you better control. Cyclists are different, and everyone has their preferred speed. Poseidon Triton road bike has the Shimano Claris 8 speed STI shifters, which provide many gearing choices. The shifters allow you to shift from one gear to another precisely. You can choose to ride on whichever gear you prefer easily.

Shimano Hyper Glide 11-32T Cassette:

Not every bike can climb up the hill or any other steep climbs. This road bike has a perfect gearing combination of Shimano hyper glide 11-32T cassette and the pro wheel ounce 50/39 alloy crankset. This allows you to cycle up hills or steep climbs without your legs doing much of the work. Therefore, you will not have to use much force when riding on steep climbs. 

Upright Sitting Position:

The seat of this bike allows you to sit in an upright position for a comfortable riding position. Therefore, you can enjoy long-distance rides without fatigue or body strain. This is also good for your body as you don’t have to bend and strain your back. 


This is a bike that is easy to assemble in less time. The parts come 80% assembled, so you have less work to do. However, if you want to retain the factory warranty, it is great to consider a professional assembly. 

Who Can Use This Bike?

Poseidon triton road bike is good for both male and female cyclists. It is also great for entry-level riders who need great performance at an affordable price. The different gears can allow a learner to start with a slow gear and advance to high speed later. The lightweight frame also allows an entry-level person to ride for longer distances without fatigue.


  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Great entry-level road bike
  • Quality aluminum frame
  • Smooth-shifting of gears
  • It features a quality frame and fork
  • Assembling the bike is fast and effortless


  • Chains tend to make a rattling noise when you ride fast

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Can I do the assembly by myself?
A: Professional assembly is recommended to retain the factory warranty. However, you can do the assembly on your own if you are conversant with bike assembly.

Q: What is the frame size and the weight of the bike?
A: This road bike has a frame size measuring 54cm, and the weight of the bike is 22 pounds.

Q: What is the required tire pressure on the bike?
A: The maximum required tire pressure on the bike is 125. I normally ride mine at 80 on the front tire and 95 on the rear tire.

Q: Can the bike go uphill?
A: The bike delivers great results both downhill and uphill without straining the user.

Final Words:

Poseidon Triton road bike is a good choice if you need an entry-level road bike. The vast terrain of gears allows you to switch gears easily and precisely. The brakes keep you safe from accidents, and this bike is easy to use. With all the amazing features, the bike comes at an affordable price.

  • Updated January 15, 2021
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