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Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano 105 Bicycle Review

Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano 105 Bicycle Review

Kestrel Talon Tri is a dual-purpose road bike from Kestrel company that is suitable for racing. This road bike features a unique geometry to give an unmatched riding experience. It also comes at an affordable price to suit riders who are on a budget.

Considering its price, you will be amazed by the strong carbon fiber make that is most common in high-end bikes. Kestrel offers you a quality carbon fiber construction at a reasonable price compared to other competitors. We will look at a full review of this bike that will focus on its top aspects and features.

Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano 105 Bicycle Review

Highly Adjustable:

Talon tri bike is highly adjustable to suit different users. Talon tri contains an aero seat post that allows you to mount the saddle in different positions. Therefore, you can adjust the saddle forward if you want a tri use or backward for road use. Adjusting the seat helps you achieve the most comfortable riding position for smooth rides.

Shimano 105 Derailleurs:

It uses rear and front Shimano 105 derailleurs with 11-speed micro shift bar-end shifters. This is a workhouse that promotes smooth control of the bicycle. You can get a precise shifting without experiencing any weight penalties. 

The 105 derailleurs combine with the oval concepts crankset to allow you to ride up hills. The combo prevents your legs from or getting tired easily. The speed gears permit you to cycle on all types of terrain without using extra energy.

Carbon Fiber Frame And Fork:

Talon tri Shimano 105 bicycle does not feature an ordinary carbon fiber construction. The bike uses an enhanced combination of 700k intermediate modulus and 800k high modulus to build a light yet stiff bike. 

Its head tube and bottom bracket work together to provide power and control. The seat tube enhances the structure of the frame. Additionally, the frame and fork absorb vibrations to give smoother and comfortable rides. 

The carbon construction makes the bike suitable for all forms of road uses. This boosts the bike's longevity, so you can use the bike for longer periods as long as you take good care of it.

2 In 1 Design:

The design is superb for riders who want to enhance their triathlon performance? Talon tri Shimano 105 bicycle is a good choice for you. The bike is flexible, and it is easy to switch between a triathlon style and a road. The design offers a strong configuration that can serve you for longlist can't be outgrown easily. 

It makes the bike a good option for anyone who's into cycling. It offers a two-on-one ride; hence you can save more cash since you do not have to spend extra cash buying another bike.

Superb Aerodynamic Tubing Design :

Talon tri Shimano 105 bicycle is a bicycle that can make you take that gold medal home. Talon gives you aerodynamically contoured tubing where the seat tube stays, and the seat post reduces drag to give you best performance. The internal cable routing allows excellent airflow all over the bike. This is why the talon tri bicycle is one of its kind. 

Who Can Use This Bike?

This is a unisex bike highly recommended for professional riders or race cyclists. The bike is also suitable for people who want to train on a road bike and race a tri bike. It comes at an affordable price, and you will enjoy the performance of two different machines.


  • A lightweight carbon frame
  • Affordable extra features
  • Highly adjustable
  • Stiff and provides comfortable rides
  • Favors both road and triathlon
  • Its features are tested and reliable


  • Pedals are not included
  • Needs time for one to get used to it
  • Tires need upgrading

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Is this bike easy to assemble?

A: Assembling the bike is easy for people with experience in bike assembly. If you don't know how to assemble, it is great to seek professional help.

Q: What is the total weight and the size of the bike?

A: The bike weighs 20.28 pounds, and the frame size is 52 cm (small).

Q: What size of the wheel does this bike come with?

A: The Talon tri bike has 700c wheels that give you a superb performance on the road.

Final words

Kestrel talon is a good bike for both daily use and training. The bike is affordable and has excellent features to make you win a race. Although the tires are not so good, you can upgrade to good ones later in the future. Choose the talon tri Shimano 105 bicycle and enjoy all your cycling sports.

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  • Updated January 15, 2021
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