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How To Clean A Road Bike - Step By Step Guide

How To Clean A Road Bike – Step By Step Guide

Cleaning your road bike regular is essential to keep all the parts in good condition. If you ride on muddy trains, you need to give your bike a good scrub. If you don’t clean it, you will end up with corroded parts, squeaky brakes, or poor working gears.

Even if your bike doesn’t have dirt or mud, regular cleaning is recommended. For road bikes, you should clean them monthly or after 20-25 rides. I have some steps on how to clean a road bike that you can check.

How To Clean A Road Bike – Step By Step Guide

Steps On How To Clean A Road Bike

With the below steps, cleaning a road bike will seem pretty easy. It will only take a couple of minutes to finish up the whole process and have a sparkling ready to move the bike.

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Step 1: Gather All The Washing Materials:

You should collect all the cleaning materials you need to save time. Also, having all the required materials near you helps you facilitates and eases the washing process.

With that in mind, you also need to know and identify what you will need when washing a road bike. The below list contains some of the materials you will require during cleaning.

  • Chain lubricant- use lube oil to clean the chain and lubricate to expand its lifespan.
  • Degreaser- ensure that you use the specific bile type of degreaser.
  • Soap- use mild diluted soap to clean the frame of the bike.
  • Bike stand- enhances the stability of the bicycle during cleaning.
  • Water- washes off the mad on the bike.
  • Clean rags-facilitates application of oil, wax, or any other lubricant. It also helps in wiping and drying the device.
  • Brushes- Ensure that you get various shapes and sizes. It helps you scrub and remove mad from your bicycle.

Step 2: Start With The Chain:

It would help if you began cleaning its frame and chain. First, start by removing all the dirt around the chain using a chain cleaning tool or a degreaser. Use one hand to make the chain move backward as you apply the degreaser using your other hand. The movements should be rotational to help you apply the product all over the chain. Then use a brush to clean the chain.

  • Ensure that you are using gloves to avoid damaging your hands.
  • Use a spraying bottle to help the degreaser reach every part of the chain.
  • Ensure you use a specific type of brush to help you target the hard to reach areas on the chain.

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Step 3: Chain Lubrication:

After the degreaser application, you should lubricate the chain. A bicycle lubricant that you can squeeze out of its bottle is the best to use. This is because it is thick and spreads evenly through the chainrings. Once you apply the lubricant, pedal it backward to help it mix easily.

  • You can work with an intact chain.
  • Ensure you squeeze a sizeable amount of the lubricant.

Step 4: Washing The Frame:

Use a clean rag and a bucket of hot soapy water when cleaning the frame. Always start by washing the top as you move steadily to the bottom area of the device. It helps you prevent spilling mud on the cleaned parts of the bike.

  • Hot water helps to remove all types of dirt quickly
  • Always clean the rug you are using in water each time to get rid of the mud.

Step 5: Remove The Wheels And Repeat Washing The Frame:

Start by carefully removing the wheels from the bicycle. You should ensure that you disengage the brakes to facilitate the wheel removal process. Then pull the lever and remove the wheels.

Once you are done, put the frame on a bicycle stand and make a second thorough wash. This time, you have a lot of aces to all of its parts. You can use a brush or a clean rag with soapy water to wash it. Then rinse the frame with clean water, wipe it, and let it dry.

  • If you are not sure of how to disassemble the wheels, use a bike manual.
  • Always change the water if it gets dirty.
  • Use a bike stand to hold up the frame.

Step 6: Cleaning The Wheels:

Start by washing the outside part of the tires, then move to along tires and finally its perimeters using a brush, soap, and water. Use a stifle brush to clean the chainrings.

  • Always rinse off the rug since tires are too much.
  • Scrub thoroughly to remove all dirt.

Step 7: Assemble The Bike

Put back all the parts in place. Put the wheels back to their frame by using the quick lever back motion. Then consider using a wrench to fasten the parts and ensure they are tight. Then you can test if the bike is working well by spinning peals and squeezing brakes.

Step 8: Rinsing And Drying:

If the bike is perfectly working, you need to rinse the whole bike after rinsing, wipe and put it in the sun to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: How do you clean a road bike after riding it?
A: With the above step by step guidelines on how to clean a road bike, you should probably be able to clean yours without difficulties.

Q: How do I deep clean my road bike?
A: Deep cleaning means that you will have to clean all the parts of the bicycle thoroughly. Moreover, the above steps will also help you deep clean your bike.

Q: Should I ride my road bike in the rain?
A: Yes, you can because you have just learned the steps of cleaning a muddy bike. Therefore, even if you ride it in muddy places, you will get rid of the mud from the bike.

Q: How often should you clean your road bike?
A: You should do it regularly, depending on your kind of riding. Therefore, you can do it weekly, monthly, or even daily to ensure that all the parts on your bike function well.

Final Verdict

Cleaning your road bike regularly after use is essential because it enhances the functionality of your bike. We hope that you are now familiar with the steps on how to clean a road bike. Follow the above steps and you will get your road bike sparkly clean.

  • Updated January 18, 2021
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