Giant SCR 1 Road Bike Bicycle 61010224 Medium 700Cx500MM Review

You want the best bicycle to be moving around with it? Giant bike manufacturer makes sure that produce the best kind of your desire. This bike gives you the best experience when riding, it is one of the highly modified and sophisticated bicycles. High-quality kenda k tires that will last for a long time. A lightweight and durable ALLUX-grade aluminum frame. Highly modified braking system. When you come to the rims they are made of alloy, the combination of two metals, meaning that it's very hard and of course durably important features.

Important Features:

Before discussing the final verdict on The Giant SCR 1 Road Bike Bicycle 61010224 review, let me discuss some feature of this bike first.


To ease the movement the bicycle is made with light metal, this helps the cyclist when riding to the direction of the wind, the wind is able to give you a little bit push forward so that you do not strain when you are applying force to the pedals.

The lightweight also helps when riding up the mountain, the more you go up higher the more the return or the resistance force is being applied this makes it hard for you to continue cycling but with the lightweight manufactured bike, things become easier for you.

Most people also believe that a lighter bike means faster movement although multiple studies show that dropping 1 lb will save you a few seconds up the hill. They are good metals that are used to make lightweight bicycle one of them being aluminum.

Aluminum is a strong and light metal for a bike frame, also titanium metal is stronger as steel and lighter, it is another high edition option often found on mountain and road bikes.

The Best Braking System:

The strong braking system is much important when riding a bike. There are different types of breaking brakes including rim brakes, disk brakes, coaster brake, drum brakes. Many road bikes are fitted with rim brakes, this is advantageous because you can be able to observe the wearing out parts and easily change them.

The giant SCR 1 road bike is fitted with such braking system, this makes it more consistent in all conditions, even much cheaper to replace worn out part of the braking system than a whole wheel.

Gear System:

It is believed that to increase speed or reduce speed your bike must be fitted with a gearing system that is working efficiently. Modern bikes come with 18, 21, 24 or 27 gears, very high speed. Giant SCR 1 road bike is equipped with a highly modified and strong gear system that will meet your expectations.

The best things to consider is the terrain you will be riding. Riding in hilly places makes it more challenging, so you will need more gears to make your bike lighter. With this product, you won't struggle while going to hilly places because its manufacturer made sure that they fit the best gearing system.

Comfortable And Safe Ride:

Safety is the most common thing you must consider while engaging in any activity, to make sure that Giant SCR 1 road is safe and comfortable, its manufacturer made sure that the seat is spongy, regardless your weight, the seat will be more comfortable.

Most people believe that the lower the seat below the handlebars the comfortable it becomes, that is why the Giant SCR 1 road bike is made with adjustable seat-post so that you can adjust to your own desire.


  • Strong and durable
  • Faster
  • Great handling
  • Great handling


  • Pricey
  • Assembling a bit difficult to first time user

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What is the overall weight of this bike?

A: The overall weight of this bike is 33 pounds only.

Q: Is this bike will be very easy to use?

A: This bike is a great starter for the beginner. Although it is a bit pricey the price worth it. This bike is perfect for using general purposes like work, school etc.

Final Verdict: 

If you are searching for different types of bike to commute to and go work then this bike is just for you. It is very lightweight and comes with Tektro TK-R313 brakes which makes it very easy to stop when you need. Also, the handlebar is very easy to grip. Overall this is an amazing bike.