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Commuter Bike Vs Road Bike - Detailed Comparison!

Commuter Bike Vs Road Bike – Detailed Comparison!

Biking is an efficient way of commuting or riding around the city. While you can ride any bike, it is important to consider the type of bike you get to make your rides enjoyable. If you want to buy a new bike are confused about whether to buy a road bike or a commuter bike, we will help you make the right choice.

Road bikes are great for riders who are into speed riding. On the other hand, commuter bikes are suitable for riders who want to achieve comfortable, reliable, and easy riding. We will help you understand the difference between these two bikes, their strengths, and some common questions asked by most riders. Let's get started!

Commuter Bike Vs Road Bike Detailed Comparison

What Is A Commuter Bike?

Commuter bikes focus more on comfort than speed. These bikes are also designed with reliability and durability in mind. As compared to road bikes, commuter bikes are heavier, which makes it suitable for everyday riding. So, if you want to school or work, a commuter bike is right for you.

What Is A Road Bike?

A road bike is a bike designed to give you speed, which makes it suitable for racing. These bikes are also great for riders who want to ride over a longer distance and need to reach your destination quicker than on a normal bicycle.

When considering a road bike, it is good to know that bikes don't focus on durability. So you have to choose whether you want speed or durability. Today, you can find many road bikes that are sophisticated, comfortable, and faster to ride than previous models.

Differences Between Commuter Bike And Road Bike

Several things differentiate a commuter bike from a road bike. We will cover these aspects in detail to better understand and decide which bike is right for you. The following are the major differences between a commuter bike and a road bike.

Road Bikes


Road bikes are lightweight, which makes them easier to accelerate, especially when you are climbing hills. The bikes have a rigid frame and fork, which makes them lightweight. Therefore, you will exert more weight on the bike, which pushes you forward. Additionally, the bikes have a dropped rider position to push you forward naturally.


The tires of road bikes have a unique design that contributes to their faster speed. These bikes have tires with a larger circumference, and the wheels are larger too, so you can easily distance in less time.

Additionally, road bikes' tires are slimmer compared to commuter bikes and have little tread to minimize friction. As a result, you will enjoy speedier rides. Road bikes give you great stability without compromising your speed. The wheels are also lightweight to give you more speed.

Handlebar Design:

The design of the handlebars on road bikes is downward. This gives you the chance to involve your strong muscles when pushing the bike. Putting more power on the road bike makes it go faster.

Downsides Of A Road Bike:

It isn't easy to maintain a comfortable riding position on a road bike, especially for longer rides. Additionally, these bikes are not suitable for everyday use, considering the muscular activity you need to put in on the handlebar.

Another disadvantage of a road bike is that it is not suitable for heavy loads because this will diminish its durability. It is only right to use a road bike for fun riding, racing, or touring.

Commuter Bikes


Commuter bikes are comfortable to ride as compared to road bikes. The bikes have wider saddles that will keep you comfortable when riding for several hours. Another thing that makes commuter bikes comfortable is the straight handlebars. You will enjoy a better grip and more wrist support, which keeps you comfortable even for the most aggressive rides.

Suspension System

If you ride daily and know the obstacles on your way, a commuter bike can handle potholes and curbs. The bikes have a suspension system and heavier tires than road bikes, making them ideal for commuting.


These bikes are designed to be versatile, and most of them have nice features that make them practical to ride. You will get some accessories like fenders, generator-powered lights, baskets, and much more. Additionally, their design gives an upright riding position to be in control and get a better vision.

Downsides Of A Commuter Bike:

The suspension and the durability of this bike come at a higher price. Additionally, the bikes have knobby which do not roll easily.

Commuter bikes are also slower than road bikes. However, there are several ways you can make them go fast. You should consider reducing the luggage you carry. Alternatively, you can choose a commuter bike that suits your size perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Is road bike good for commuting?

A: A road bike is good for commuting if you want to ride faster on the roads. However, it is great to ensure that you live in an area where the roads are in good condition.

Q: What bikes are best for commuting?

A: The best bikes for commuting are hybrid bikes. Most of these bikes have 700c wheels and larger tires than a road bike, so you can easily transverse on gravel and other rough roads comfortably.

Q: How far is a reasonable bike commute?

A: There is no specific answer to this question because it entirely depends on you. But 10-20 miles is a reasonable commuting distance. More than that can be too much.


Choosing between a road bike and a commuter bike entirely depends on your needs and how you intend to use the bike. If you want speed and long commutes, a road bike can be a perfect choice for you. For those who want durability, comfort, and riding versatility, get a commuter bike. Once you know which bike is good for you, it good to understand some safety riding tips to keep you safe on the road.  

  • Updated January 18, 2021
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