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Bikes EURXC550 Road Bike Review

Bikes EURXC550 Road Bike Review

The Bikes EURXC550 is commonly known to be an exciting unisex set of wheels. Its design provides a satisfying experience by offering you sufficient control over your speed. The stability in its frame would give you the peace of mind and confidence you need to enjoy every bit of the ride. I have had my fair share of experiences with this bike, and I can attest that it offers and delivers all the things that the manufacturer has promised.

Bikes EURXC550 Road Bike Review

Sturdy, Durable Frame And Fork:

I begin by mentioning the benefits of this part because of its significance to the bike's whole structure.

The frame is made of steel, which is a classic preference. The material is known to be excellently durable and can hold the bike together steadfastly, taking whatever pressure extreme rides might exert on it. 

Steel is heavier than aluminum, and it is that extra weight that adds to the general excellent balance of this bike. Its fork is made of steel alloy, with its hardness beefing up the fork strength for better performance. 

Powerful Dual Disk Brakes

It is not a common thing to find dual disk brakes in an average road bike. Therefore, the Bikes EURXC550 Road Bike stands out with its high-end braking components for both its type and price. It is hard to find a bike within its price range, having such a high-quality braking system. 

You can depend on it to clamp the rims tightly enough to the hall at will and need. You can stop your moving stallion as efficiently in normal weather as in adverse weather conditions. No weather condition interferes with these breaks. 

Gearing System:

The gear system is just another area in which this bike stands out. This bike boasts a 21-speed system that is supported by quality Shimano shifting.

With the Shimano TX-30 shifters and Shimano A050 twenty-one-speed gear, its gearing mechanism is better than most of its competitions and even rivals many pricier road bikes. 

And for this quality, it is more convenient than rivals. Besides providing you with extra control, it delivers coveted versatility in terms of several speed options, control, and gear shifting.  

Ergonomic Handlebar And Seat:

The handlebar and seat are nicely suited to maximize the bike's performance and make things easier and comfortable on your part. They are both designed to provide you with the best posture and put you in a comfortable riding position. 

The handlebar is iron racing, placed just in the right spot to deliver the best possible performance. Likewise, it offers you greater control of your bike even when riding in rough trails so that you will not hurt your back. The seat is adjustable, and you can lower or raise it to the right height and get a comfortable sitting posture. 

Wheels And Rims:

Like the frame and other components of this bike, the wheels and rims look fancy and outstanding. The rims are 3-spoke and 30-spoke. It uses 26-inch aluminum fashion rims that are as elegant as they are functional. 

Since they are made of aluminum, they are lightweight and therefore nicely neutralize or make up for the heavy frame. Similarly, it still maintains a high standard of durability, which is vital. Its wheels are wider than most of its counterparts, which makes it suited for various terrains. 


  • It is not limited to any specific turf or track 
  • Allows you to change gears quickly
  • Quality steel frame and aluminum wheels that are also durable
  • The design is eye-catching 
  • Excellent value for money


  • The frame is heavy

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Who is this bike suitable for?

A: Anyone can enjoy riding this bike to an above-average satisfaction, even though it is created with beginners in mind. 

Q: It comes assembled to what percentage?

A: 85 percent

Q: What is the total weight of the bike?

A: 36.5 pounds

Final Thought

Finding the perfect choice of a bike for yourself can be tough, especially if you do not have access to accurate reviews and information about various bikes on the market. We present this bike to you in ways that will make you learn a lot about it. Use this review to analyze the bike to find out if it is what you need. 

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  • Updated June 16, 2021
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