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Best Road Bikes Under $300 In 2021 - Top 5 Models Tested & Reviewed!

Best Road Bikes Under $300 In 2021 – Top 5 Models Tested & Reviewed!

Biking is a great way to keep your body fit, means of transport, and protects the environment. Regardless of the terrain you choose, get the right road bike. You might be limited by budget for entry-level riders or don’t want to purchase an expensive road bike.

We will recommend the best road bikes under 300 that provide similar riding quality to other premium road bikes. The bikes we are about to review feature quality components, and they provide smooth rides. Keep reading to find a deeper analysis of these bikes so that you can compare them and choose the most suitable.

Best Road Bikes Under 300 Dollars Reviews & Guide

Recommended Best Road Bikes Under 300 Detailed Reviews

All riders have different preferences when it comes to the type of bike and the components they want. However, one common thing that they all check is the price of the bike. We will discuss budget-friendly road bikes that will amaze you regarding their quality and performance.

1. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Review

If you are a biking enthusiast, you must probably have heard about Vilano. This is a top brand that prides itself on providing riders with quality and affordable bikes. The Vilano R2 is a great bike for commuters and entry-level riders who want to enjoy their rides. This budget-friendly road bike is also great for exercising. Here are other features that make the road bike outstanding.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame:

The main benefit of riding a road bike is that it provides speed than other types of bikes. This is why the bike has a lightweight frame construction to make it easy and faster to ride. The aluminum frame makes it lightweight and durable to handle all kinds of off-road riding conditions.

Alloy Caliper Brakes:

A good road bike should give you not only speedy rides but also sure stops. After all, you don’t want to compromise your safety on the road. This road bike is equipped with quality alloy caliper brakes that give you sure stopping power. The brakes work well on all conditions to ensure you get reliable stopping when you need it.

Shimano Front And Rear Derailleur:

The Shimano components of the bike enable you to achieve efficient speed management. It has 21 speed (rear indexed 7-speed and front friction 3-speed) and Shimano A050 thumb shifters to offer convenient shifting. Therefore, the bike can tackle any riding condition.

Water Bottle Cage:

Meet your hydration needs on the road with the convenient water bottle cage included on the bike. This makes the bike great for commuters since you can carry your water or favorite drink to give you more riding energy.


  • It features front and rear suspension to make your rides smooth
  • The bike has a great drivetrain that can tackle any situation
  • You will get free pedals in the package
  • It provides simple assembly and reliable braking
  • Shifting is easy and precise with the A050 thumb shifters
  • Great road bike for the price


  • The rear tire keeps going flat
  • It doesn’t come with a kickstand


This is a top pick road bike for commuting and healthy cycling. The 21-speed bike has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to maneuver. You will get the bike partially assembled, so you only need to install and tune a few parts like the front wheel, handlebars, saddle, pedals, brakes, and derailleurs. 

2. Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike 700C Wheels

Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike 700C Wheels Review

This is another starter road bike that will amaze you with great features at an affordable price. The bike features a nice look, and it provides smooth and comfortable rides. The fancy bike provides many features that you will not find in other bikes for that price. It has a rigid suspension to make your rides comfy. More lovely aspects you will find include the following:

Steel Frame:

The road bike has a steel frame that is sturdy to absorb shock. Although the steel frame makes it a little weighty, it is worth it. If you would like to use the bike for commuting, this is a beautiful and well functional bike to suit your riding experiences.

Dual Disc Brakes:

The bike features dependable dual disc brakes that give you controlled and smooth rides. The disc brakes provide better performance than the v-brakes, so you will enjoy strong stopping power regardless of the speed or riding condition. Additionally, the disc brakes come in handy when covering hilly terrains.


The bike utilizes Shimano components on the drivetrain for superb performance. The Shimano derailleurs and shifters offer flexible use and durability. Additionally, it has 21-speed, and you will enjoy smooth gearing and shifting. 

Rims And Wheels:

Everything about this road bike is outstanding. The rims and the wheels have an appealing look and designed to last longer. It has a 700c wheel size, which is suitable for riders with an average height.


  • The bike features a steel frame, which makes it sturdy and durable
  • It comes at an affordable price and provides excellent riding services
  • The braking system of the bike is reliable and works well on all conditions
  • It is easy to assemble since most parts come pre-assembled
  • The look and the design of the bike are amazing 


  • It doesn’t have a mount for a water bottle
  • The stickers on the bike peel off easily
  • Adjusting the hand brakes is hard


Get this road bike and enjoy riding faster on all terrains. It comes 85% assembled, so you only have 15% assembly work to do. You will install the seat, pedals, wheels, handlebar, and air the tires. You will also get instruction and the necessary assembly tools. I would recommend this durable and good-looking bike for entry-level riders, and you will enjoy an excellent service and performance. 

3. LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed 700C Wheels Fitness Bicycle Urban City Commuter Bike

LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed 700C Wheels Fitness Bicycle Urban City Commuter Bike Review

Consider this road bike as a top choice for your transportation and exercise needs. The road bike has key features that make it outstanding from other road bikes in its price range. This quality bike features durable construction to hold up well on rough terrains. Let us find more about what you will love about the bike.


The frame is a crucial part of every bike. If it is poorly designed, then you can expect poor performance. This bike has a welded and sturdy frame, and the parts are quality. As a result, it can handle a heavy load without compromising the durability of the bike.

Smooth Rides:

The 21-speed road bike features Shimano shifters and derailleurs that contribute to comfortable rides. The front has 3 gears, while the rear has 7 gears that all contribute to precise shifting. With this road bike, you can ride on ground and mountain surfaces without any issues. 

Mechanical Dual Disc Brakes:

A bike with an efficient braking system is safer because it helps you stop to overcome obstacles along your way. This bike is fitted with functional mechanical disc brakes to offer instant braking. Therefore, you can enjoy riding your bike at high speed, knowing the brakes will give you sufficient stopping power when you need to stop.


No one likes a bike that is hectic to assemble. Luckily, almost all the assembly work is done for you, so you have only 10% to do. Additionally, the bike comes with essential tools and instructions to guide on assembly. You need to fix the pedals, front wheel, handlebar, and seat, taking at most 30 minutes. 


  • It features quality wheels that contribute to smooth riding
  • Affordable road bike which performs well on the road
  • It is a responsive and efficient braking system for safety
  • A great starter bike for the price
  • It comes pre-assembled, and you will get tools and assembly instructions
  • The bike is pretty and comfortable to ride


  • The shifters don’t work well
  • Some complaints on damaged bikes 


If you want to buy an affordable road bike with quality parts, I recommend the LOOCHO bike. The bike provides comfortable riding, and it is strong enough to last for many years. Riders also love its frame geometry and intuitive shifting that all make it easy to ride.

4. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike Review

Choosing a quality bike at an affordable price can be tough today. There are many cheap bikes, but their performance is not the same. If you need a budget-friendly road bike for commuting or any riding, get the 6KU bike. This is an amazing bike that is available in multiple colors to suit your personality. Other unique features of this bike are as follows.

Aluminum Frame:

Before you buy any bike, it is great to check the quality of the frame. This is the major part of the bike, so it should be quality. This road bike features a lightweight and robust aluminum frame that is well-welded. The frame is durable, and it can accommodate heavy users.

Caliper Brakes:

Stop conveniently when you want to with the caliper brakes. The front and rear brakes give an outstanding performance all the time to ensure your safety on the road. Whether you use this bike for everyday transportation, recreation, or commuting, you can enjoy reliable braking power. 

Flip Flop Hub:

You can choose to ride this bike as a freewheel or fixed gear, depending on your liking. This is possible because it has a flip-flop hub hence an ideal choice for commuters.


  • You can choose to ride it as freewheel or fixed gear
  • Multiple colors available to suit your riding needs
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • Reliable and efficient customer service
  • Drop bar design provides easy and quick navigation 
  • Great road bike for commuters


  • Pedals would have been quality
  • Wheel reflectors feel wobbly
  • Great bike but not ideal for short riders


This is a high-quality bike that provides excellent performance on the road without draining your pockets. You will enjoy easy navigation since the bike has drop bars. This road bike also features a lightweight frame to make handling easy. Additionally, it is also equipped with alloy wheels that contribute to comfortable rides.

5. Outroad Road Bike 14-21 Speed Shimano Shifter 700C Wheel

Outroad Road Bike 14-21 Speed Shimano Shifter 700C Wheel Review

Picking a quality road bike on a budget can be tough because you have plenty of bike models to compare. We have saved you the hassle of reaching by giving you an expert opinion regarding affordable road bikes. The Outroad bike is an amazing bike that can support riders with a maximum weight of 330 lbs. this bike is ideal for riders with a height of 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 0 inches. More appealing aspects of this bike are:

Aluminum Frame Material:

This is the main reason why this road bike can accommodate a high weight capacity. Its frame construction is robust and stable, which makes it durable. Additionally, it features a steel road fork to provide amazing riding experiences.

Ergonomic Handlebar Design:

While on the road, safety should always be one of your key considerations. The manufacturer included an ergonomic handlebar design that minimizes resistance. Therefore, you can ride safely and comfortably on different terrains.

21-Speed and Assembly:

This road bike provides 21 speeds, so it is easy to switch gears quickly. So, depending on the terrain, you can choose the right gear to suit your riding. Assembling the bike parts is straightforward because you will get the tools you need for the job.


  • Great bike that provides different cycling speed
  • The bike is easy to assemble
  • Switching through the gears is quick and effortless
  • It features a durable and strong aluminum frame
  • The bike has a comfortable handlebar design


  • The front wheel is bumpy
  • Great bike for the price but quite heavy


Enjoy the best riding experience on your favorite terrains with the road bike. This is an exceptional bike that will improve your cycling experience. The bike provides easy rolling, thanks to the anti-slip and wear-resistant tires. Additionally, it has a steel fork suitable for agile riding.

Buying Guide

Road bikes have additional features than other bikes, so choosing the right one can be technical. Therefore, you need to be aware of some top considerations that will help you select a quality road bike. Here are essential features to consider.

Frame Material:

What type of frame does the bike have? Several materials are used to make bike frames. Some road bikes have an aluminum frame, which popular for its lightweight design and faster riding. Aluminum is also lightweight, so you need to handle your bike with care for durable use.

You can also find road bikes with steel frames. These bikes are durable but heavier. So, if you intend to ride longer and get comfortable rides, a steel frame can be a great selection.

Carbon fiber is another frame material you can pick. This type of frame is sturdy than steel and lighter than aluminum. The bikes provide comfortable rides, but they are expensive. 

Type Of Brake:

This is another vital consideration when buying a road bike. You need a bike that provides reliable braking to ensure your safety on the road. Road bikes are equipped with caliper brakes (rim brake) or disc brakes.

Caliper brakes are common because they are simple to fix and come at affordable prices. Additionally, they provide more stopping power, and changing them is easy. On the other hand, road bikes with disc brakes are expensive, and they are also hard to fix or change. Therefore, you should choose the right brake type to suit your requirements.


Road bikes have various gears, so you need to choose the number of gears you want. Before you choose the right number of gears, you need to understand where you plan to ride your bike. Therefore, if you intend to ride the bike in various conditions, then you need a bike with over 18 gears to handle different terrains. 

Additionally, if you want to use your road bike for fitness purposes, you need to consider more speeds so that it is easy to increase or decrease the resistance when working out.

The shape Of The Handlebar:

You should also think about the handlebar shape because they vary in different bikes. The design of the handlebar in your bike can make your rides comfortable. You can either choose compact handlebars, ergonomic bars, or the traditional handlebar design. So, whether you want performance or ergonomics, you can select the right handlebar design.


The type of wheels you choose affects smoothness and riding comfort. Bike wheels consist of tires and rims, which should all be of quality. In most cases, you will find the rims with steel or aluminum construction. Always ensure that your bike has high-quality rims to provide a durable riding experience. 

Final Verdict

Road bikes have gained popularity among many riders because of their speed, versatility, and comfortable riding. Today, it is easy to get affordable road bikes with great features that you will find in other high-end road bikes.

We have given you reviews of the best road bikes under 300 that are great for commuters and fitness enthusiast. Each of the bikes is unique, and they vary in features and designs. After analyzing and comparing our recommended choice, I believe you will find a suitable budget-friendly road bike.

  • Updated June 16, 2021
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