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6 Best Commuter Bikes Under 500 For 2021 Reviewed!

6 Best Commuter Bikes Under 500 For 2021 Reviewed!

Commuting to work or school is a great way to beat traffic and reach on time. Additionally, it keeps your body fit, and you can lose some extra pounds if you do it frequently. Commuter bikes are designed to give you comfortable rides as you enjoy scenic views on your way.

However, if you are considering to get a commuter bike, you might be overwhelmed with the huge options available. The bikes are available in different designs, sizes, prices, and other distinguishing features. Luckily, we present you with the best commuter bikes under 500 to give a reliable performance for many years.

Best Commuter Bikes Under $500 Review & Buying Guide

Beginners and intermediate riders can have a hard time selecting a suitable commuter bike. You need to compare different bikes from various brands, and this makes choosing the right one confusing. We have a list of top commuter bikes that you can find at affordable prices. Check out their reviews to help you select the right one.

1. Hiland Road Bike 700c Racing Bike Aluminum City Commuter Bicycle with 21 Speeds

Hiland Road Bike 700c Racing Bike Aluminum City Commuter Bicycle with 21 Speeds Review

Biking is a great way to help you move from one point to the other. The Hiland road bike makes a good commuter bike that will boost your fitness and provide you with a convenient transportation mode to work or school. The road bike brags of an ultralight and quality aluminum frame that provide a reliable cycling experience.

Riding this commuter bike is easy and fun. It features 700C wheels that give you incredible riding speed. Therefore, you will enjoy an outstanding road bike riding experience. You will get the bike pre-assembled, so you only need to do 15% of the assembly work. You will also find free pedals and installation tools to make your work easier.

The bike has an efficient double caliper braking system to give you unmatched stopping power. Therefore, not only will you enjoy riding at high speed but also reliable halting. On top of that, it features Shimano 387 speed shifters to give you better control regardless of the situation.


  • The bike is beautiful, and it handles well on different terrains
  • It is lightweight to make it easily maneuverable
  • Assembling this road bike is straightforward
  • Great value bike for pavements and trails
  • It provides fast riding, and it is durable
  • The brakes give you ample stopping power


  • The instructions are not the best
  • Brakes are far, but they are reachable 

2. Outroad Urban City Road Bike Lightweight Single-Speed Commuter Bicycle

Ride comfortably to work or school with this amazing road bike. This single-speed bike is designed with double-walled alloy wheels that provide fast and safe rides. You can ride comfortably in the city with this high-speed road bike. It is recommended for riders with a height of 5 ft 4 inches to 6 ft 2 inches.

The bike has a robust steel frame that can accommodate riders up to 260 lbs. The frame features a lightweight design to give you the most fulfilling rides. You can either choose to ride the bike as a freewheel or fixed gear. If you choose freewheel riding, you can cruise and coast easily. Riding the bike fixed gives you a good feeling on the road, and you can experience better pedal strokes.

Ride comfortably at your ideal speed without risking your safety. The road bike has front and rear brakes that help you control and provide the needed responsiveness. Assembly is not a complicated task since you only have to do 20% of the work. You will get the needed tools in the package for assembly and a comfy seat, and free pedals.


  • The bike provides smooth and comfortable rides
  • Its flip flop hub allows you to ride as freewheel or fixed
  • You can stop at any time with the front and rear brakes
  • Designed with a lightweight and durable steel frame
  • You will get a comfortable seat and free pedals 
  • Great road bike for the price


  • None so far

3. Hiland 700c Road Bike, Steel City Commuter Bicycle with 14 Speeds Drivetrain

Commuting is great for your health and the environment too. You can reach your desired place easily without dealing with heavy traffic while keeping your body healthy. The Hiland road bike is a top recommendation if you want to enjoy fun commuting experiences. This 14-speed bike features a durable steel frame with a fork to ensure your rides are smooth and comfortable.

All the components of the bike are quality for long-lasting performance. The aluminum rims combined with the 700 C tires provide an amazing road bike experience. You will also achieve precise and easy shifting, thanks to the Shimano SY20A thumb shifter. Assembly is easy since it comes 85% assembled. Moreover, you will find convenient assembly tools and pedals in the package.


  • An amazing road bike for beginners
  • You will find assembly easy since it comes with tools
  • The bike provides fun and easy rides
  • Its high-quality tires provide great riding experience
  • The bike has a fork to make your rides comfortable 


  • The bike is good, but it is too tall
  • You can take some time to get used to the shifting

4. Tommaso Siena Shimano Tourney Gravel Adventure Bike with Disc Brakes

This is a top all-terrain bike with extra-wide tires for dirt touring or road riding. Unlike other commuter bikes, this one features unique tires that are stable and versatile to handle rough terrains well. Additionally, the bike has durable rims that work well regardless of the terrain. You will also love the disc brakes for superb stopping power under any weather condition.

It is designed with a reliable and durable aluminum frame to ensure you get maximum durability. Furthermore, the frame has a steel fork to make your rides smooth. You will also find the frame drilled to attach the fenders, racks, and other commuting accessories. This bike requires professional assembly if you want to enjoy an optimal riding performance.

This bike will provide more speed and powerful performance. Its 3×7 Shimano groupset makes it ideal for any terrain. Therefore, you can enjoy rising on a hill to flat surfaces while enjoying a wide range of gears to suit any condition. The bike features compact handlebars that provide optimal comfort.


  • It is designed with larger tires to handle all terrains
  • The bike is suitable for dirt and gravel riding
  • The bike fits well and provides optimal comfort 
  • Great commuter bike for a beginner
  • It rides well and comes at a great price
  • The bike provides better performance, and the customer service is great


  • The padding on the seat could be thicker
  • Spokes are not the best

5. Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike

Enjoy a great cruising experience with this men’s best cruiser bike. The bike has a steel frame, which makes it durable and able to accommodate heavy riders. Its 26-inch wheels give you the riding speed you want, and you will also find climbing pretty easy. Additionally, the white balloon tires give you cushioned rides for comfort.

This 21-speed bike is ideal for men with a height of 5 ft 4 inches to 6 ft 2 inches. Riding the bike is comfortable since the seat is bigger and it has a dual speed to maximize your comfort. Additionally, the handlebars are designed with foam grips to enhance your comfort. Stopping is easy with the front and rear handbrakes that you operate on the handlebar.


  • The seat is designed to provide comfort
  • The handlebars provide a comfortable upright riding position
  • Shifting on the bike is easy
  • Handlebars have foam grips for comfort 
  • The bike is durable, and all the components hold up well
  • Assembling the bike is not hard, although it needs some strength


  • Adjusting everything well can take time
  • The bike is heavy
  • Tightening the seat is hard

6. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel Men’s Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes provide better riding off-road and on paved surfaces. This bike is purposely made for adventure, and it has an ergonomic frame design to give you comfort. Therefore, you will not experience joint pain since the bike provides a natural riding experience. The bike has 26-inch wheels that provide better control regardless of the terrain.

So, whether you choose to ride on urban streets or rocky surfaces, this bike has got you covered. The saddle is extra-wide and comfortable, so you can spend more time on the bike. Moreover, the bike has soft leather grips on the handlebars to make holding easy.

When it comes to the frame, you will appreciate the lightweight steel frame that offers simple maneuvering. The bike is also equipped with dependable front and rear handbrakes that make stopping a bliss.


  • Upright riding posture keep you comfortable
  • The bike is lightweight and has a stylish design
  • It includes a rear rack and matching fenders
  • The seat and the handlebar grips are comfortable
  • You will enjoy the performance of a commuter and a comfort bike


  • The bikes seem overpriced, and the parts are not quality
  • Complaints of dents on the bike

Best Commuter Bikes Under 500 USD – Buying Guide

On top of these commuter bike recommendations, it is also crucial to understand some tips that will help you decide which commuter bike to purchase. Here are some crucial things you should remember when choosing a specific commuter bike. Check them carefully to make your purchase decision easier.

How Do You Intend To Use The Bike?

This is probably the first thing you should think about when buying a commuter bike. If you plan to use your commuter bike for urban commutes, then it is great to buy a bike that doesn’t have many suspension bits. The frame should be lightweight, and you should also consider larger and thinner tires for the best riding performance. 

On the other hand, if you intend to ride the bike off-road, look for a commuter bike with ergonomic handlebars and reliable brakes. This will help you handle any terrain perfectly.


You need to get a commuter bike that is comfortable to use. Several things affect the comfort of the bike. These include the frame, handlebar design, and seat. A good commuter bike should have a saddle with enough cushioning to make your rides smooth. Moreover, this reduces back pain when you are riding.

The handlebars should also provide a good grip without straining your hands or wrist. Additionally, get a commuter bike that matches your height well. You can check several bike sizing charts to determine which bike size suits you the best.


The frame is an essential part of any bike. For a budget of 500 bucks, you can be sure to get a bike with a high-quality frame. Some common bike frame materials you can find include aluminum, stainless steel, and light alloy. If you need a good bike that you can easily maneuver on various terrains, I would recommend aluminum frames because it is lightweight and doesn’t rust.


Choosing high-quality brakes on a commuter bike will guarantee safety on the road. If you choose cheap commuter bikes, most of them feature pull-up rim brakes that require little maintenance and are also easy to use. These types of brakes are suitable for beginners.

Commuter bikes under 500 feature quality braking system. In this case, most of the bikes under this price category feature mechanical disc brakes. These brakes are durable, and they provide reliable stopping power all the time. However, the brakes require high maintenance.

You can get commuter bikes with hydraulic disc brakes if your main concern is safety. The brakes require frequent maintenance, and they provide the best braking power when you need to stop. Additionally, the brakes are useful when you are riding on steep downhill terrains.

Bike Design:

You can choose any commuter bike from any brand, type, or design. The common bike types you can choose for commuting include hybrid bikes, bikes, fat bikes, and mountain bikes. I would recommend a road bike because you will be spending most of your time riding on a paved road. But if you want to ride on paved surfaces and off-road, it is great to invest in a mountain bike or a hybrid bike.


Some bikes have gears, while others do not. It is important to determine the number of gears you want in your bike and how easily you can switch between gears. If your bike doesn’t provide smooth gear shifting, then you might lose your focus when rising. Beginners should get tips from experienced bikers or take lessons when you are buying a bike with gears.

Final Verdict

Things bring us to the end of our best commuter bikes under 500. We have given you a list of top bikes that will provide the best riding experiences for many years. The bikes are from top brands, and they have their good and bad aspects. Choose a bike that meets your commuting expectations and one with top-notch components. Apart from their affordable prices, these commuter bikes have nice aesthetics, and they will make your riding safe and fun.

  • Updated January 24, 2021
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