Best Commuter Bikes Under 200 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Tired of everyday traffic jam when going to work? Getting a commuter bike can make going to work hassle-free. Not only does a commuter bike help you get to work fast but also enhances your physical activity. To enjoy all these, you need to find the best commuter bike under 200.

Getting a reasonable quality commuter bike at this price range can be thought-provoking. Many commuter bikes in this price range are cheap, however, this doesn’t mean you can find a good value bike. We will assist you understand the top potions available and how to buy the right one.

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Recommended Best Commuter Bikes Under 200 Reviews

According to the American Community Survey, 0.6% of the workers in the US use a bike to work. This shows that bikes are essential means of travel for many people. Let’s take a closer look at some budget-friendly commuter bikes that will help you stay fit and beat traffic.

1. Columba 26 inch Folding Bike

Columba 26 inch Folding Bike Review

If you don’t prefer using trains, vehicles and cars, this commuter bike can be a perfect transportation alternative. It has a stable steel frame that also makes the commuter bike durable. The bike has 26-inch wheels suitable for different terrains. You will also enjoy better shifting and control with the 18-speed shifter and derailleur.

This commuter bike is equipped with front and rear alloy brakes to give you dependable stopping. Folding the bike is easy because it has a quick-release handlebar that helps you remove the saddle and the seat post. Therefore, you can fold the pedals and the bike into a smaller size that fits in your car.


  • Easy to install the front wheel in less time
  • The bike features a stable and durable steel frame
  • You will get dependable braking power
  • The bike folds compactly for easy storage
  • Great wheels that are great on parks, mountain trails and camping grounds


  • Steel alloy parts should be lighter
  • Better if the kickstand was larger and adjustable
  • Great bike but the pedals breaks off easily.

2. Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed

Columba 26 inch Folding Bike Review

This is another sleek and stylish commuter bike that needs low maintenance. The single-speed bike is great for commuting, cruising and coating. It features responsive rear and front brakes that offer safe and quick stops. You will also enjoy comfortable riding because the handlebars provide an upright posture so no back strain.

The bike allows you to optimize your riding with the dependable 700x28c tires. These tires offer better shock absorption and are they resist punctures more than other bikes. The deep-V rims also contribute to smooth riding and better navigation.


  • The bike has a durable high tensile steel frame
  • Reliable coater brakes for sure stops
  • Comes with the right tools to maintain your bike
  • The bike is stylish, sleek and comfy to use
  • Lightweight bike with easy to follow instructions
  • The bike requires low maintenance 


  • Doesn’t include fenders
  • It would be better if the tires were wider
  • Rear wheel is not adjustable

3. Takara Yuugen Single Speed Flat Bar Fixie Road Bike

Takara Yuugen Single Speed Flat Bar Fixie Road Bike Review

Make commuting easier and fun with this practical and simple commuter bike. This single-speed bike is great for urban and rough riding and it gives you comfortable riding experiences. The bike features a welded steel frame with a fork for smooth rides. This commuter bike has an upright flat bar for a comfortable upright riding postures.

Stop instantly and safely with the single pivot alloy brakes on front and rear. These brakes work well on all weather conditions to ensure your safety. You can also choose to ride this bike on freewheel or fixed gear since it has a flipflop hub.


  • You will find assembly easier
  • The bike has reliable brakes
  • It gives you smooth and comfortable rides
  • The bike is lightweight for easy maneuvering 


  • Tires can’t handle a paved path
  • The tube at the valve stem leaks

4. Lroplie R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

Lroplie R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike Review

Enjoy great commuting experience with this affordable bike. It features an aluminum alloy frame that offers enhanced durability and comfortable rides all day. The 700c double walled wheelset has a unique design to give you better performance on the road. This 21-speed road bike can handle any riding situation and problems on street racing.

Changing the gears with your fingertips is easy to choose the ideal gear for your riding terrain. On top of that, it comes 80% assembles so you only need to install the pedals, handlebars, seat, front wheel and fill the tires. The disc brakes also give you reliable stopping on all weather.


  • It gives you quick gear adjustment
  • Faster assembly in less than 20 minutes
  • Designed to handle any riding condition
  • Nice design to give you all day comfort 
  • Lightweight and comes with free pedals


  • Great bike but the pedals are too small
  • The front brake is not well made

5. Vilano Men's Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter

Vilano Men's Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter Review

Vilano hybrid bike is a great commuter bike also works well for city and campus riding. It features upright and classic handlebars that offer comfortable rides without straining your back. On top of that, the bike features comfortable grips and suspension saddle to maximize your comfort.

It features a hi-ten steel frame that gives sturdy rides. You will also achieve sure stops with the linear pull brakes whenever you want to stop. The bike also features 7-speed twist grip shifters for better control and shifting. If you need to carry some items, the spring loaded rear rack will help you.


  • You will get a free locking kickstand and pedals
  • It has rear and front fenders with splash guards
  • Great stopping power from the linear pull brakes
  • Nice bike with great looks
  • Comfortable to ride and easy assembly
  • Gives easy and smooth shifting


  • Fenders don’t fit
  • It is hard to adjust
  • Handlebars don’t feel stably attached to the bike’s body

6. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

If you need a stylish and high performance commuter bike, get the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike. This 21-speed mountain bike can take you through any trail. It is great for outdoor adventures and designed to solely make your biking enjoyable. The bike has a suspension fork to absorb shock and bumps for smoother rides.

It has a micro-shift twist shifter combined with Shimano rear derailleurs to give you reliable performance on all your rides. Therefore, you can climb uphill, downhill or accelerate as you like. It also features rear derailleur guard (removable) for steady gear operation and enhances the life of the gears. You will also like the linear pull brakes that offer constant stooping power.


  • It has ATB saddle that is comfortable and high-quality
  • The bike gives consistent stopping power
  • Alloy quick release for easy adjustment of the seat height
  • It has a suspension fork for smoother rides
  • Slight rise handlebar offer comfort


  • Manufacturer doesn’t offer decent instructions
  • The gear system needs improvement
  • Chain guard breaks easily

7. TANGNADE Travel Bike 7-Speed Folding Mountain Bike

TANGNADE Travel Bike 7-Speed Folding Mountain Bike Review

This is a unisex commuter bike that features a lightweight aluminum frame for easy use and durable performance. This 7-speed foldable commuter bike can support users up to 220 lbs. so, if you have little space in your apartment, you can fold the bike for easy storage or transportation in your car’s trunk. It is designed with the most comfortable saddle for enjoyable rides.

The bike also features a quality suspension fork that provides effective shock absorption. Therefore, your rides will be smooth and easy. The height is also easily adjustable to suit both teens and adults correctly.

Additionally, the handlebar and the seat are also adjustable to ensure all riders get comfortable rides. This bike gives you high stopping power with the steel v brakes so you can ride safely.


  • Has an advanced suspension for smoother rides
  • The bike has a distinctive fold pedal design
  • Easy to fold in less than 15 seconds
  • Has adjustable features to suit all riders
  • Convenient steel v brakes for easy stopping


  • Quite hard to assemble the bike

8. Roadmaster - 26 Inches Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike

Roadmaster - 26 Inches Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike Review

Make commuting, fun, fast and easy with this commuter bike. The bike is designed with 26-inch wheels for smooth riding. It has a steel frame to give you many years of use and stable rides. Additionally, the frame features a suspension fork to smoothen your rides.

The bike has 18-speed twist shifters to give you even and easy shifting on trails. You will also love the performance of the rear and front linear pull brakes for sure and quick stops. Another notable aspect of the bike is the strong 3-piece crank and the alloy wheels that ensure the durability of the bikes.


  • It has comfort grip handlebars and padded seat for comfort
  • The commuter bike has durable components
  • Linear pull brakes offer quick stopping power
  • Suspension fort to give you the smoothest rides
  • Extremely easy to assemble 
  • Seat post offers easy adjustment


  • Comes with incomplete instructions

9. Hiland 20/22/26 Inch City Commuter Bike

Hiland 20/22/26 Inch City Commuter Bike Review

The Hiland commuter bike has a durable steel frame and some orange stickers that give it a nice look.

If you also like carrying some items or passing by the grocery store, you will find the rear rack handy. You will also get a lock to secure your bike. Both wheels feature fenders to ensure you are dry and clean on the road. Assembling this bike is less complicated because it comes 85% assembled. 

Therefore, you only have less set up work to do. You will also get reliable stopping power from the rear coat and v-brake. Other accessories you will like include the rear and front bike lights for safe riding at night.


  • It gives you a simple assembly
  • You will enjoy side and smooth rides
  • Made with quality and durable parts
  • The bike has a gorgeous appearance


  • Many users complain of scratches 
  • Some users find it cheaply made

10. Schwinn 700c Copeland Men's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn 700c Copeland Men's Hybrid Bike Review

If you need a multi-purpose bike for commuting or weekend rides, this is your favorite bike. The steel frame is tough enough to make this commuter bike work for all kinds of rides. You can also achieve accurate and guide gear changes with the 21-speed twist shifters that adapt perfectly to your terrain.

Need to stop instantly? You can do that since the bike is packed with rear and front disc brakes for greater stopping power regardless of the condition out there. The bike features dual sport tires and alloy rims that offer a perfect grip and make the bike durable.


  • Suitable for different types of rides
  • Easy and quick shifting
  • The bike has a dependable braking system
  • It is fun and comfortable to use
  • Easy assembly in less than 30 minutes


  • Some users find the build quality terrible

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Commuter Bikes Under 200

You need to know some crucial things that contribute to a perfect commuter bike.Remember these points to get the right bike to match your commuting needs.

Reliable Braking

You can either choose disc brakes or rim brakes for your commuter bike. Rims brakes are light but they give inconsistent braking and poor performance on wet conditions. disc brakes are heavier, durable and give you more braking power. So, based on the type of street you commute to work, you can pick the right brakes.

Ride Resistance

How long is your commuting route? You need to know how long you commute every day to get a suitable bike. For example, if you ride less than 3 miles daily, then you can get any commuter bike. However, if you ride more than 6 miles, then you need to consider to the height and the seat of your commuter bike. For more than 9 miles, think about the speed and the bike’s riding efficiency.

Tire size and Suspension

Commuters love commuter bikes with thin and large tires to offer greater speed. When picking the tire size, consider your weather condition. Thin tires might be ideal for warm weather but if you ride in places high levels of precipitation, then wider tires are better. Additionally, a good commuter bike should have a suspension to offer comfortable rides.


You can find commuter bikes with steel frames or aluminum frames. Steel frames are heavy but durable. Aluminum frames are lighter but also give you durable use.

Riding Position

The seat and the handlebars of a commuter bike should give you an upright riding posture for comfortable rides.

Final Verdict 

That is our top list of the best commuter bikes under 200. These are amazing bikes that help you beat traffic when going to work while keeping your body fit. The above bikes are suitable for riders on a budget and they don’t compromise when it comes to riding performance. With the guide and the in-depth reviews, I believe you have the knowledge to pick a good commuter bike for comfortable and smooth rides.